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Top Battery Saving Tips For Android/iOS

Hello, guys; we going to tell you about Top Battery Saving Tips For Android/iOS To Boost your battery power.

Backup of the battery ends soon when using the smartphone; in such a time, we feel that the backup of the battery should be more.

We are going to give you the best battery saving tips, by which you can increase the backup of your smartphone battery.

Battery Saving Tips For Android/iOS


As every smartphone users know, The display of the smartphone consumes most of the battery. The more you use the screen, the less battery will run.

Tip: Do not keep the brightness in auto mode; keep it in manual mode. If you put brightness in auto mode, then it sets more light according to the need, which leads to quicker battery consumption of your smartphone. So do it manually.

Radio Connectivity

Tip: Turn off your mobile’s radio connectors such as WiFi, GPS, auto-rotation, NFC, etc. when not in use. If you turn them off, there will be a slight increase in your battery.

Background Apps

By the way, you should use the apps according to your needs; if your mobile has more apps, then your battery will run less.

If an app is used occasionally in your mobile, So keep it disabled for the same interval so that it cannot use your smartphone battery. This technique will increase your smartphone battery a few more.

Tip: Disable those apps which not in use.

Use Light Social Apps

You may be using a lot of social media in your smartphone, but these apps drain 30 percent of your battery.

So you have to use the light version (like Facebook lite, etc.) of these apps, you get all the features in their light version, but they reduce the usage of the battery.


Tip: Turn off the notification of those apps which give you un-necessary warnings/notification.

Battery Usage

In the smartphone settings, you can see usage stats which app or game which is consuming more battery; if it is using more battery, then uninstall that app or game.

Tip: Regularly check battery usage stats of apps.

Use Power Saving Mode

If there is a power-saving mode available in your phone, then keep it turned on, so that your battery can run at the most.

Tip: Keep turn on power-saving mode all the time.

Use Dark Wallpapers

If you use dark color wallpaper on your mobile, then your battery will definitely be saved.

Because using dark color wallpaper, the pixels of the screen will not light up; they will remain black, this will reduce battery consumption.

Update Apps

Keep all your mobile apps up to date because developers keep up to date apps so that they do not use too much battery.

Turn off Auto Update apps

Automatic updates consume your mobile data as well as battery.

You will get the option of auto-update by going to the settings of the play store from where you have to select auto-update off so that no app is automatically updated in the background.

Tip: So turn off automatic upgrades of apps in the play store permanently.


Battery backup of your smartphone can be increased only by your understanding, we have mentioned all those tips in the article above.

We have taken care of all the main points in the Battery Saving Tips for Android iOS article, if there is any error in it, then please let us know by commenting. If you like Our article please like it and share it.

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