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The Digital Marketer and The Owner of The True Gadgets – Sumit Kumar Mishra

Sumit Kumar Mishra Entrepreneur - skmfcb

Sumit Kumar Mishra, the Digital Entrepreneur is also known as skmfcb on digital platforms. There are people who just dream of achieving something big and then there are few people who work hard to move towards their goals and achieve it. Sumit is one of that kind who is literally a determined Digital Entrepreneur whose goal is to grow with others.

He is also a prominent Tech, Food and Lifestyle blogger. Sumit Kumar Mishra is the owner of True Gadgets, Trends Column, Trend Flavors and many other blogs. He is also a Co-Founder of PRSN Media, a Digital Marketing Firm that helps artists, actors, musicians, dancers, YouTubers, tiktokers, and even small businesses and ventures to grow their online presence.

As digital media continues to grow, businesses are looking for real marketing solutions to address those challenges and the high competition in the field of digital marketing. This is where Sumit comes in. He offers a full range of digital marketing and advertising services that turn brand potential into business performance and help them draw a success graph. With an insatiable appetite for ideas and innovation, Sumit is expertise in Social Media Manager, YouTube Marketing, SEO, Website Development, PR, design, advertising, media, and all those digital marketing things.

Sumit Kumar Mishra (skmfcb) is been providing all these digital marketing services from the age of 17 and have been successfully helped more than 200 artists and brands to make them a big success.

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