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With an exclusive interview with Mr. Sanjay Goyal- VP – Times Internet Ltd., Head of Product & Technology, TimesJobs and TechGig. We discussed aboutSkills needed for the next-generation future technologist”. We took some important information from him. We also talked about how the Indian market behaved in 2018 and how it will be in 2019.

A Short Bio of Mr. Sanjay Goyal:

Mr. Sanjay Goyal – VP – Times Internet Ltd., Head of Product & Technology, TimesJobs and TechGig

A passionate technology architect, Sanjay is known for his rich experience in internet portals and product evangelization. With a flair for designing technology components, Sanjay also has a keen interest in latest trends on Big Data, Analytics, Semantic Search, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing tools. Sanjay is an effective leader and motivator who knows how to bring out best from his team members. Apart from being a result-oriented professional, he is also appreciated for his integrity, openness, and commitment. Even in most intense situations, Sanjay keeps himself calm and composed which not only ensures warmth among the team but also ensure solid and robust technical implementations. Apart from his core technical domain, he is well-versed with other aspects viz. people management, strategizing, product engineering & its managemen

What is TechGig?

Tech is a website, which is primarily for coders and developers fraternity. Who wants to learn to compete and grow. It’s an open site for everybody, even a School Kid, College Techies or College Pass-outs can grow their skills. You can learn how to code and program in different technologies. We Indian’s have always benefited from a curriculum which is Science and Maths dominated. TechGig Gives many opportunities to new Talents in the country. TechGig organizes many Annual Events like TechGig Geek Goddess, Virtual Campus League, Code Gladiators 2018.

We start working with freshers who have just passed the college or even in the school it is an open opportunity for everybody. People can come and visit the website they can read different examples people can learn programming and also how to code they can also  compete with other programmers, they can also become a part of the leaderboards, they can see where they stand in the coding fraternity and they get into different contest hosted by different multi-national companies or IT companies, when they are looking for innovative solutions to a problem. In this manner, we can say that we are trying to popularise programming in our country which is already full of programmers. But considering the number of programmers India produces in a year, we just want to make the number bigger by the day. Also added how TechGig ramp up tech talent in the country.Adding on he continues with, the statement that India has always been benefited from a curriculum which is heavenly mathematics and science dominated. People have always said that Indian Education System needs to undergo changes, I think this is fairly strong even today, and the reason why people like me succeeded in this market is just that we had very strong mathematics and science in our school and colleges that has always helped us. So, the fresh graduates or even people with the experience of 5 to 6 years they are fairly competitive and the newer technologies that are coming out in the market it really requires you to unlearn a lot of old technologies to become competitive with the new ones.

Now considering those challenges I would say that millennials are at a higher advantage of learning these technologies faster and then become productive also. For people with higher experience band, it is definitely a big vertical challenge for them to basically upgrade to newer technologies and be familiar with the new changes in the industry that a fairly a task for them so people in the fresh graduate’s segment for the industry is well-positive for them right now. In the end, he explained about the hackathons, and how the challenges were resolved by these young techies at various hackathons are different than the challenges they face in real life? By giving a wonderful statement “hackathons, primarily are based on challenges that companies face in real life and the most of the time the topic that is picked up in hackathons are companies are not able to solve a problem and they require a fresh mind to suggest solutions that could possibly solve them.

These companies and senior professionals have not been able to crack in so many months or years that’s the reason people want to explore different solutions. I recently met somebody where the gentlemen of the view that he would love to do hackathons and a outsource solutions to mass so that they get one solution of which is very good then it is worthwhile.

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