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Hello reader, welcome to the about us page of The True Gadgets website!

Here you are reading about us page, most probably you are searching for latest technology news,latest phone news,latest laptops or latest operating system updates.So “latest” word defines the presence of Gadgets To Live.

What is The True Gadgets?

The True Gadgets is a technology niche site which targets tech savvy youth of india,providing latest news about phones,laptops/computers,operating systems,tablets,price update of gadgets,hot news in technology and different thing going on in technology companies.Our stories target to teach,inform and aware audience about latest news in technology.

Our Moto: is aiming to become the best technology news site all over india in the upcoming months. Techno youth of india are eager to know about the latest trends in technology or what are the latest gadgets launched. So they always keep searching for latest updates and news in technology which is provided 24×7 by The True Gadgets.

The Categories:

Everyone keeps searching about any new gadget launched or upcoming gadget online.They Google and use many different search engines to get latest technology updates. Gadgets To Live is always first to report in this category.

Young youth of india is crazy about latest trends in technology.Even from keypad phone or smartphone,unique and latest gadgets are appreciated in India. From a kid to adult is interested in unique smartphone features,Here we are feeling a bit shy and proud too that we provide them with every single news about phones or any other trending gadget.

Final Words:

Finally, we can say that The True Gadgets is a one stop destination for technology enthusiastic. You do not need to browse different sites for technology updates.Alternatively, Bookmark in your browser now and open whenever you need to read latest technology updates. We provide you genuine and latest technology news out of the lot.

Editorial Staff:

Sumit Mishra – Founder/Editor in Chief

Sumit Mishra is an technology enthusiastic, aims to take The True Gadgets further with the regular support from you readers, friends and family!

Nitish Mishra – Senior Editor

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Nitish Mishra is the senior editor at The True Gadgets. He writes about Phones,Operating System,leaks related to technology on Gadgets To Live.

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